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White Rose Maths App

1-Minute Maths is a free app that helps children build number confidence & fluency through engaging, 1-minute tasks. An accessible tool for children to enjoy at home or in class!

How does it work?
Each task gives children engaging and targeted practice in basic number. The app includes a range of topics, with no specific starting point, so a child can begin wherever they like. By applying randomly generated questions every time, users learn the concept and not a sequence of answers. Once a task completes, questions are marked and presented on the screen, giving instant feedback on how they’ve done. It’s quick, simple to use, and most of all, FUN!

1-Minute Maths in action
Choose a topic – there are 41 available.
Answer a unique set of questions.
If needed, use the ‘Hint’ button – it shows the question in a different but familiar way.
When the 1-minute is up, answers appear on the screen in seconds. Keen for another task? Then simply go again!