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About Smart School Councils

This year, we have joined the 'Smart School Councils' programme.  This means that, rather than having just one representative from each class, now ALL of the pupils at St Anne's are School Councillors!  ALL of their voices are heard!


All the children in school will be given the opportunity to lead a Class Council Meeting in their classes, at some point. 


To support Mrs Aughton in the running of the School Council, we have elected a Communication Team (Comms Team).  These children have lots of highly skilled jobs to complete throughout the year and are going to be the voice and ears of the whole school.


The Comms Team meet up with Mrs Aughton every fortnight to make decisions and to talk about how we can make our school an even better place to be!


Our main focus for this year is going to be ensuring we are looking after God's world and reducing our ecological footprint. We will also get involved in other school activities such as: making our school and playtimes even better as the year goes on, so watch this space...