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Reception Class Curriculum Plans

R.E. Planning

Topic Planning


Prime Areas

Personal Social and Emotional Development

The focus for this term is raising self confidence. We will encourage the children to play cooperatively with their friends and take turns.

SEAL materials will be used covering topics called New Beginnings and Getting on and Falling out.



Communication and Language

The focus is on vocabulary building and responding to instructions. The children will be introduced to story time and carpet time rules. The Vocabulary Box and Narrative Therapy sessions will introduce new vocabulary and encourage listening and attention skills.



Physical Development

The children will practise holding a pencil correctly. We will practise various ways of moving to music in Dance lessons and show the children how to handle tools, objects and malleable materials safely. As part of our Ourselves topic the children will learn about healthy and unhealthy food, exercise and how to look after their teeth.



Specific Areas




The children will be introduced to a variety of stories, rhymes and songs. We will complete work around the topic of Nursery Rhymes including drama and music work.  They will also follow the Letters and Sounds programme to develop their phonics skills.




The children will practise reciting numbers to 20 and beyond and have lots of opportunities to recognise and order numerals. They will be introduced to mathematical vocabulary like more and fewer and complete work around 2D shapes. We will introduce some positional vocabulary and sequence familiar events and stories. The children will talk about day and night morning, afternoon and evening and learn the days of the week.

We will introduce the children to different coins and talk about money through our role play.



Understanding the World

The children will learn about the similarities and differences between themselves and talk about what makes them special. They will also learn about different cultures and experiences and will develop their investigation and questioning skills.



Expressive Arts and Design

The children will build a repertoire of songs and rhymes, dances and explore the sounds which we can make with our voices. We will also experiment with paint, collage and other creative materials, both indoors and outdoors.  At Christmas, we will perform our Nativity play and we will perform our class assembly in the summer term.




Baseline Assessments will include ROSCOE Language, Derbyshire Language, British Vocabulary Picture Scale and BASE