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Staffing List September 2018


Headteacher                                     Mr. J. Brown

Deputy Headteacher/ SENCo          Mrs. L. Brown      (


Nursery                                              Miss B. Margison

                                                            Mrs. Y. Dalal

                                                            Mrs. A. Kalokhe


Reception                                          Miss N. Hodgson

                                                            Mrs. C. Carus

                                                            Mrs. P. Trudgill


Year 1                                                 Mr. M. Whittaker September to November

               Miss C. Wooldridge from December onwards 

                                                            Mrs. M. Lord


Year 2                                                 Mrs. L. Walne

                                                            Mr. M. Worden

               Mrs. C. Ashbolt (Tues, Wed & Thurs)


Year 3                                                 Mr. S. Dunn

               Miss. A. Weir


Year 4                                                 Miss N. Honey

                                                            Miss. R. Moorcroft


Year 5                                                 Mr. B. Meadows

                                                            Mrs. S. Patel


Year 6                                                 Mr. D. Hall

                                                            Miss. T. Stanton


PPA Teachers                                    Mr. P. Blackmore (Tuesday to Friday)

                                                            Mrs. L. McNulty (Tuesday to Thursday)


Family Worker                                   Mrs. C. Smith (Mon, Tues & Fri)

Sports Coach                                    Mr. R. Svarc (Mon all day / Tues, Weds & Fri pm)                                  

SSA’s                                                Mrs. M. Mullen (Reception)

             Miss. S. Roberts (Year 1)

             Miss. E. Ruminska (Year 1)

             Mrs. J. Turner (Year 1)

             Miss. S. Davis (Year 3)

             Mrs. J. Buckley (Year 3)

             Miss. S. Roberts (Year 4)

             Mrs. J. Hollinshead (Year 5)

                                                          Miss. K. McCosh (Year 6)

             Miss. K. Tomlinson (Year 6)


SEMH Lead                                      Mrs. G. Adsett (Whole School Support)


Site Supervisor                               Mr. J. Waldron

Cleaning Staff                                 Miss E. Ruminska & Mrs H. Waldron



School Business Manager            Mrs. W. Phillipson

Administrative Assistant               Miss. G. Taylor


Lunchtime Assistants                    Mrs. K. McCumskay

                                                         Miss. K. Monaghan

            Mrs. R. Yasir