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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Headteacher Mr J Brown
Deputy Headteacher

Mrs L Brown




Mrs J Brown

  Mrs Y Dalal
  Miss E Ruminska

Miss N Hodgson


Mrs C Carus

Mrs P Trudgill

Year 1 Mrs A Baker
  Mrs H Waldron
Year 2 Mrs K Mallett

Miss N Brindle

Miss A Weir

Year 3 Mr S Dunn
  Mrs S Patel
Year 4 Miss N Honey
  Miss R Moorcroft


Year 5 Miss C Wooldridge

Miss T Stanton

Year 6 Mr S Waters

Mrs S Shahid

Mrs C Ashbolt

Other Teaching Staff

Mrs A Jackson

Mrs M Swarbrick

Mr P Blackmore

SSA's Mrs J Hitchen
  Mrs M Lord
  Mrs M Mullen
  Mrs J Simms
Site Supervisor Mr J Waldron
School Business Manager Mrs W Phillipson
Admin Assistant Miss G Taylor
Family Worker Mrs C Smith
Lay Chaplain

Miss A Murphy


Lunchtime Assistants

Mrs K McCumskay


Miss K Monaghan

  Mrs R Yasir